Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fiber starter flock!

This would be a nice pair for someone wanting fiber animals. The ram lamb can be wethered before leaving if someone would just like a pair of fiber animals not for breeding as well. The ram lamb is a grey katmoget, 5/8 Shetland 3/8 BFL, out of Thor and Diamond (See microns on previous post), and the ewe lamb is a 1/2 Shetland 1/2 Babydoll out of Babydoll & White Pine Philemon AI, who was modified, so who knows what colors are lurking beneath that white! :) The ewe microned at 21 something, and has very nice fleece. A little more open like the babydoll, but still very crimpy and lovely.

He is a beautiful boy! Pictured here with momma. I'll have to find photos of the babydoll ewe, or take new ones, I can't find any at the moment! hehehe

Found some photos from last year on this blog post

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Teresa said...

Very interesting to see the micron tests. You are teaching me about sheep! You could spin up a lot of sweaters!