Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adult Micron Results

And now on to my adults. Most were much better than I thought, some were worse than I was hoping. My average over all the animals was 23.8 microns, 6.4 CV and 27.0 SD. Granted I've got almost as many yearlings as I do adults, which is why the numbers are so low, I might do an average myself of just all the adult ewes, we'll see how much free time I have hehehe :)

Name/Year Born/Mic/SD/CV
North Star Aurora/2009/25.8/8.3/32.3
Justalit'l Bedegrayne/2004/28.1/6.0/21.5
Minwawe Bejig/2006/32.6/11.0/33.9
Sheltering Pines Chalmeaux/2006/27.4/6.7/24.4
Sheltering Pines Cornet/2006/26.4/5.9/22.4
Sommarang Disa/2006/23.2/5.4/23.1
North Star Dory/2009/24.5/6.2/25.5
Minwawe DoSiDo/2006/21.4/5.0/23.3 (This one I was quite shocked about)
North Star Freyja/2008/22.9/6.5/28.7
North Star Frigga/2008/24.2/8.5/35.3
Sommarang Gail/2009/25.4/7.6/29.8
North Star Iduna/2008/23.6/7.6/32.3
North Star Jasmine/2009/21.5/5.9/27.5
FirthofFifth Kimia/2007/23.4/6.6/28.2
RYL Konnel/2002/25.8/7.7/30.0
Minwawe Lyra/2007/28.8/9.6/33.2
Minwawe Magnolia/2005/31.4/10.0/31.9
Glenmore March Madness/2001/27.5/5.7/20.6
Justalit'l Maid Marion/2009/24.6/5.2/21.0
North Star Mary Poppins/2009/23.8/7.1/30.0
Minwawe Miracle/2004/24.1/7.4/30.7
SHeltering Pines Modron/2004/28.3/7.5/26.4
North Star Nanna/2008/25.2/7.8/30.9
Sheltering Pines Olga/2005/26.2/6.2/23.7
Sheepy Hollow Peoney/2002/26.9/7.4/28.7
Minwawe Polka/2005/23.6/6.3/26.5
North Star Raja/2009/24.1/6.1/25.3
FirthofFifth Rhiannon/2005/29.4/8.2/28.0
White Pine Salida/2008/28.8/8.3/28.9
Minwawe Skippy/2007/23.2/6.3/27.3
Minwawe Spearmint/2006/28.9/8.9/30.7
River Oaks Tasha/2006/25.6/7.3/28.3
Winter Sky Torrent/2004/27.7/7.0/25.4
North Star Wendy/2009/27.5/7.2/26.0

North Star Abu/2009/18.7/5.5/29.2
Minwawe Combination/2008/30.9/10.8/35.0 (For sale, not so great tail, but GREAT spotting genetics, and his full brothers micron was very nice)
North Star Lightning McQueen/2009/28.6/4.5/15.7 (Quite shocked about this one as well)
Minwawe Padlock/2008/24.0/8.8/36.7
North Star Thor/2008/25.0/5.1/20.4

Babydoll ewe/Not sure of age?/33.8/6.5/19.4 (This is okay, she produces amazing crosses)
Diamond/2009 I think?/3/4 BFL 1/4 Shetland/28.4/6.2/21.8

This helps a lot. I have people interested in unregistered ewes, and may make some decisions based on the micron tests. :)

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