Wednesday, June 1, 2011

F2 Orion Yearling results

Most of these haven't been registered yet as I was waiting for micron results. These are all White Pine Philemon AI lambs. Most of the ewes will remain here, but a majority of the rams will be available for sale. I didn't write down if they were modified or not, but some are, as daddy was fawn. Here they are:

Ear tag #/Color/Dam/Micron/SD/CV
13/Black /Minwawe Bejig /20.6/6.9/33.3
16/Moorit /LRO Gretel /20.5/5.3/ 26.0
22/Fawn Katmoget /Justalit'l Maid Marion /19.1/4.2/22.2 (Wether, Comfort factor of 99.6%!!! WOW!!!)
25/AG Fawn Kat Flecket/Glenmore March Madness /19.2/4.6/24.1
26/AG Fawn Kat Flecket/Glenmore March Madness /22.5/5.4/23.9 (For sale, poll carrier, short scurs)
32/Moorit /FirthofFifth Kimia /18.4/4.9/26.7
48/Moorit /River Oaks Tasha /22.0/5.5/24.9
49/Moorit /North Star Iduna /21.7/6.6/30.3
50/Black Blettet /Sheltering Pines Modron /18.1/5.4/29.6
51/Moorit /LRO Tansy /18.8/5.9/31.6
52/Moorit /LRO Jet /20.3/6.6/32.2

Hard decisions on who to keep. Some have lower microns, some have lower SD/CV...hmm.. Any advice would be highly appreciated :)

Ear tag #/Dam/Micron/SD/CV

2/Moorit /North Star Frigga /22.3/7.1/31.8
4/Black /Minwawe Polka /19.0/5.0/26.1
7/Moorit /FirthofFifth Rhiannon /19.9/5.7/28.9
10/Moorit Krunet /Minwawe Magnolia /21.6/6.5/30.1
12/Black /Minwawe Bejig /23.6/7.3/30.8
18/Moorit /Sheltering Pines Olga /22.3/6.8/30.4
21/Moorit /Justalit'l Bedegrayne /20.8/5.1/24.7
28/Fawn Katmoget /Winter Sky Torrent /23.4/5.5/23.3
29/Grey/RYL Konnel/19.6/5.3/27.1
31/Moorit /FirthofFifth Kimia /18.7/5.7/30.2
42/Black /Minwawe Polka /19.8/5.5/27.8
44/Moorit/White Pine Salida /23.2/5.7/24.7
45/Moorit /Sommarang Disa /20.5/6.1/29.6
46/Moorit Krunet /Sheltering Pines Olga /20.2/4.9/24.1
47/Moorit /Minwawe Skippy /21.9/5.8/26.7
55/White /Babydoll /20.5/4.3/20.7
56/White /Babydoll /21.4/4.5/20.9 (For sale to a fiber farm along with Diamonds Grey kat ram)
57/Moorit /Sheepy Hollow Peoney /20.2/5.8/29.0
North Star Ruby/Fawn Kat/19.7/4.1/20.7
North Star Shale/Ag Gulmoget/23.0/5.5/23.7

Most of the yearling ewes will be staying at least through this year, we'll see how they micron this coming year.

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stephen rouse said...

Excellent results Rayna! I get you're very happy!