Thursday, July 28, 2011

Over-run with babies!

Momma pastel & 11 babies above. Will be keeping the silvers, and some of the blue bibbed, but should have a few available for sale.

We're having a duckie explosion right now! lol. We were quite disheartened this spring when a momma came up with 4 babies and one of my muscovy hens ATE them all... :( Here's kind of a funny story though...

A few days ago, a hen came up with 7 babies, so mom scooped them all up and put them in the rubbermaid stock tank so the rats can't get them. Well, momma duck flew out! The next day, mom finds "momma" with two more babies, what the heck? So she scoops them up and throws them all in. Momma now stays with the babies...strange huh? Well, she put them outside in a nice cage with a swimming bowl so they could enjoy the nice weather...and here comes this hen just a quackin' away, talking to the babies...Mom made an oops! LOL. Apparently the hen NOT with the babies hatched the first 7, and the second mom that came up with the 2 got to adopt everyone! LOL. Well, she's taking excellent care of them, and is quite alright with mom picking her and the babies up every day to be put outside, so she can keep them lol.

We also had a momma come up with TEN last night I guess! Exciting...we love our calls :)

And momma muscovy is bad :( She's lost almost half of her large brood, down to about 8 babies, but the other mommy is doing excellently with all of her 8 yet, so I still have plenty to pick from, plus the 3rd momma is off setting somewhere.

Oh! And our dewlap toulouse hen is setting! I don't know if any of the eggs will actually be fertile since the buff romans didn't hatch this spring, but we'll see :)

And I never got all the lambs evaluated the other day :( I got sunburnt and got lots of other things done, but not that. *sigh* So between the sunburn, my stomach and my head (yay for days long migraines), I've been off work for a couple nights now. HOPING I can go back tonight, but we'll see if I'm feeling okay. Hoping Saturday I will feel good enough to go out and seperate sheep, because I have one, possibly two people coming to look at and buy sheepies, yay! Some of them I REALLY hate to sell, but gotta do what ya gotta do.

Max says the dog days of summer are here...hehe.

Poor old Max hates the heat, but hates being shaved even more lol. I think this is a really cute photo, might black/white it and put it in the fair :)

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Beadwright said...

Seems like a nice life you have there. I love all the babies.