Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedding Invitations!


Left side of inside:


I didn't upload the info page, for obvious reasons (who knows if there's someone stalking me! or Adam! LOL), but if you'd like the information to come on up, please feel free to message me! Not EVERYONE is on Facebook, contrary to popular belief, and ALL of my friends are invited so please, message me if I somehow forgotted you! And sorry for forgotting you :( I'm pretty proud of these puppies! Designed and printed by us :) And the picture of the hands is our hands, my engagement ring and his promise ring I got him. It says "Anam cara" which loosely translated means "soul friend", which soul mates we are :) Anyway! Off to some errands! Have a wonderful day!


Kelly Bartels said...

LOVE IT! Great job Rayna.

Teresa said...

They are amazing! I love the quotes. Perfect. So happy for you.

Lolitha said...

Front side of the wedding invitation card was excellent. A wedding invitations with the natural background is very peaceful for proceeding.