Thursday, July 28, 2011

'Paca post

I forgot! I introduced our newest additions to the world on my FB page, but not on my blog!

First came Nitro. We bought him at auction, and were in awe of his fleece. Our gelded boys never even came close to the quality of fleece Nitro has, beautiful crimp, SO soft and fluffy. Nitro is ARI registered as Peruv Noahh's Nitro PPLLC. Can't wait to see some babies out of him. He's a 2008 model, considered "light fawn". I think the 'paca colors are almost as confusing as Shetland colors! lol. Here's Nitro with some lambs. We were SO pleased to see that he LOVES the lambs, he actually get's really upset if he can't see at least one lamb in his line of sight.

Later this summer, mom was searching for some registered females, as we had two unregistered (lost one to old age this spring) females. ((And I just realized we don't have any photos of Dyna ('Nitro' and 'Dynamite' ;-) )! She's a chocolate female with a split ear, who's hopefully bred for a cria next year! )) We found a trio (didn't really want another male, til she saw him :) ), down south of the cities, so she went to check them out, and came home with our new three!

"Herculese" is our 1999 model new male, his primary color is listed as "Medium brown" and secondary is listed as "light rose grey" not sure how they come up with these :)

Herc is a beautiful, well mannered boy, who has hopefully bred both of these girls, though Stormy looks pretty chunky already, so we'll keep an eye on her.

Next is Tiara, or "Pajolo Tiarra" as her papers say. She is a 2000 model, listed as Primary "light fawn" and secondary "white".

Isn't she purdy? I just love her face.

But the star of the show is Stormy a.k.a. "Stormy Days".
She is an absolutely stunning blue eyed white female. If I could clone her, I would. She has a beautiful body, gorgeous head, and beautiful fleece. I can't WAIT to see what she and Herc and then she and Nitro have :D

Well, that's our 'paca herd. If I'm reading these right, both the sires of Stormy and Tiara are imports, Stormy's father from Peru, Tiara's from Chile. I need to learn more about how this paperwork works...hehehe :)

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