Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some wedding photos...

I don't have my professional photos back yet, but a couple friends took my camera and took some photos :)
My dress hanging up in the hotel room.

Julie doin' my hair
Positioning my hair piece
After over an hour of curling and over 2 cans of hair spray....

Me being the dork that I am...
We had a tent put up at the park so he couldn't see me before the wedding, and so we all had something to get dressed in. Tracy was freezing, but I was quite comfy all strapped into my dress lol.

Me and my home girls :) I think I was making sure my mom was remembering to do something...don't remember what though lol. Mah shoes
Showin' some leg!

The ceremony

Greeting everyone after the wedding

Standing for the multitudes of photos
@ the reception, me and my maid-of-honor Tracy
Tracy & her hubby Nolan
The boys all chatting outside
Adams brother Aaron dancin the night away

My father in law rockin' the air guitarHad to take a photo of my feet back at the hotel....DIRTY! lol. That's what I get for taking off my shoes half the time at the reception. lol.

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Teresa said...

Lovely dress! You looked great!