Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winters coming...that means more posting, right?! :D

Okay, there are more updates on my Facebook page, it's SO much easier to post on there, but I will try harder now that the busy year is winding down.

So...updates since my last post (which was September 5th...oh I'm sooo bad :( )
*Jefferson was a riot, I will post all the photos on that!
*I got married!
*Went on my honeymoon.
*I bought a small flock of CVM/Romeldales
*We're not moving out to the farm this fall, instead by spring lambing we'll be out there
*Getting everything ready for fall
*Getting breeding groups planned
*Got my hair all chopped off :)

SO much has been going on. I haven't gotten all of my wedding photos back, but I did get some from my FIL, and aunt & uncle. I'll try to go post by post and start updating everyone on my life. I think I'm going to absorb all of my blogs into one now that we can post pages. I can't WAIT until I get a website up and going :)

Hope I don't overload you with posts :)

xoxo - The Mrs.


Teresa said...

Bring on the posts! Looking forward to updates.

Kelly Bartels said...

Post overload, what is that?? Don't be silly, bring it on sister.