Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random fun photos :)

If anyone is a horsey color expert (or knows anything lol) I would love the opinion on both the foals coloring. Above...Dun appaloosa? He's got a nice blanket across his butt, you'll have to enlarge the photo to see though. Mom is above, blue roan and white pinto :)

Thor on the bale in the cart...
King of the mountain!
Pakky with her colt...no idea on his color.

Another photo of Pakkys colt.

One of the Cavalier pups, mom named them "Liza Menelli (sp??) and Madonna" Above is Liza
Here's Madonna :)
Clouds on Saturday.
Where's Waldo?! Okay, it's not Waldo, but try and find the humming bird male! hehehehe
Very pretty double rainbow over the farm...didn't notice it was a double until I looked at the photos again! lol

Freyja and momma, Tasha.
She is soooo elegant!


Corinne R. said...

I see that your first foal has the classic dun dorsal stripe, does he have any of the primative markings? Zebra stiping on the legs or dark shoulder patches? He is very cute :).

North Star Shetlands said...

I don't believe he has zebra stripies, but I think he has shoulder patches. :)

Becky Utecht said...

Lovely photos of the clouds and rainbow Rayna. And the sheep too, that goes without saying!
Oh and the super cute puppies. ;-)

Karen B. said...

As far as the little colt's coloring...dun or buckskin or grulla? Soooo very cute.