Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One more thing..

I forgot to mention what a WONDERFUL job our shearer did. Apparently he even attended a shearing competition last year and got "Best Pen" For the best looking sheep after shearing. Very few cuts, all minor ones. He charged $3 a head on the sheep and $25 a head on the llamas and alpacas. Very reasonable, I thought, considering gas prices. They took any sheeps wool I didn't want, and his wife helped me bag and tag all the wool. Speaking of which, I'm going to try to start skirting all the fleeces soon, and will post the raw wool as it becomes available. Anyone have any good places to send wool to be processed into roving? Or spun for that matter since I haven't gotten that far in my adventure in sheep yet (I got time! :D)? I'm not sure how great he was on second cuts, as I haven't had that many shearers come out to compare him with. He was also very gentle with our old ewes, Willow and Gillian. I mentioned to be careful with them as, being as old as they are, they probably have very thin skin and could cut very easily. I don't think either had any cuts, and were shorn to the skin, like everyone else :) I think Lottie and Kizzy had the most cuts, not sure why though, neither were overly squirmy. It was so funny to listen and watch the lambs going "WHERE'S MY MOMMY?!" lol. I really want to set up a better catch pen before next year though, but we'll see where that goes :)


Becky Utecht said...

They all look really good after shearing Rayna. Gillian looks very good, much better than last year after having twins.
Who did your shearing this year?
I think you could probably still harvest a sample for micron testing when you skirt your fleeces. It's pretty easy to figure out where the midside, last rib would be on the fleece once you lay it all out.
Gosh, Isaac looks shaela, he's so evenly iset all over. His mom and grandmother, Diana and Gillian, both get those white nose spots too. I didn't notice it them until last year.
Oh, and your peacock is stunning! Thanks for sharing all the photos. You've got some beautiful lambs too.

bopeep said...

Shearer good, sheep comfortable....lucky...lucky....lucky.....polka looks great.