Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Computer mental breakdown....

Well, my frankenstein machine finally kicked the bucket. We think it's either the motherboard, the power supply or possibly a failed connection. I've been having problems with it for a while, I'd power it down, and it wouldn't start again for like a 1/2 hour to and hour...well yesterday it shut down by itself and we got it to start up twice, but then Denny started trying to fix it, and it just went kaput. Sooooo...anyone wanna buy some sheep? lol. I want my computer back! It's so sad to see a 21'' flat pannel monitor going to waste on my desk ;-) LOL

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Nancy K. said...

Oh, Rayna ~ how DEPRESSING!!!
I hope you get your computer fixed, or a new one soon. I can't imagine not having my computer! My TV, yes. My microwave, you betcha! But NOT MY COMPUTER!

Is Likei a spotted gulmoget? I love his markings! Where'd you get him?

Inquiring minds want to know....