Monday, April 27, 2009

Honest Scrap award

Garrett nominated Anisa to share 10 honest we'll give 'er a go!

1. I was the cutest puppy (Just like Sadie!) and the runt as well

2. I think I'm 10 feet tall and bullet proof and if you don't believe me I'll show you....

3. I am a princess, no matter where I go.

4. I love going to Grandmas house and getting to run around and chase chickens (when I get away with it)

5. I get the hint that mom kinda wants to enter me in agility, but I don't want to because there will be other dogs there stealing my attention!

6. I would much rather sleep in bed with mom and dad than in my kennel, but I am a good girl and listen...for the most part.

7. I love the sound of my own voice, and I talk quite often.

8. I dislike the screaming little booger-infested things you call "children"...they're too loud, too quick, and like to pull my hair.

9. As much as I pretend not to, I really do love my "sister" Izzy and new little "brother" who is yet to be named...I wish Dad would make up his mind...

10. I LOVE car rides!

Everyone who reads my blog, I nominate you and your doggies!

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