Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another day of fun on the farm!

Agenda: Haul another 50ish bales of hay from the neighbor, band Lady's bull calf, give Freckles' calf her shot, and a few other random things.

I got to the farm and asked mom where Sally the goose was, as she didn't greet me when I came in the driveway like she usually does. Mom told me to look out in the field, so I did. And this is what I saw.

Please click to bigify...Can you see which one of these doesn't belong? LOL So I called to her...and you'd think she'd be thrilled to "join" with the flock...but noooo...
The other geese are watching her like "And who do YOU think YOU are?" lol.

"Sally, you sure do stick out like a sore thumb..."

And then I saw Gary struttin' his stuff out in the yard...
And of our "Baby Bambi" bottle calf..her grandmas name was Bambi, and she looks IDENTICAL to Bambi...unfortunately we lost Bambi a few years back to trouble with calving...But this little calf is adorable.

Mom decided on keeping Mayhems manx kitten...like she needs another cat...but she's thinking she might actually like her as a housecat...My mother who said she'd NEVER have a house cat...or geese...or goats...or what else that we've had? Why should I be suprised now I guess...

And then it was time to visit with babies!

Raja needed to be in my lap, of course...
And apparently I'm a milk faucet now...lol
Maters color looks a bit better outside...he is VERY black.
Very different brothers...
He's a good lookin' boy though! He'll *likely* be for sale, as I don't need a solid black ram. But we'll see when his micron tests come back.
Brudder and sis'er Peter and Wendy, sniffin' my leg.
Wendy is just a little cutie!
Lightning hangin' with momma.
Wendy again.
I don't think I have had a more gangly lamb...is this typical for polled? Does he just look gangly because he doesn't have any horn buds so his face looks longer? lol
I think I see a TINY scur coming in...what do you guys think?
Pretty little Alice, please let your straight hair fall out and be replaced by wonderful crimpies...
Alice is SO photogenic...she just has the face for it.
See what I mean?
And again!
Yeah, I'd say she's staying...lol. I just hope she tames down some!
Raja being a pain again...
And Alice faceplants into momma...I think she's really digging for grain though...lol. You never know what you'll find in neckwool! LOL
"Are you my mother?" Anyone remember that book? lol
Alice has an adorable face too!
But still, not much competes with Wendy's cuteness...
Bedegrayne is impartial...lol

Well, we went and threw 55 bales of hay on the wagon and hauled them home...Decided to take a break from throwing hay and go chase down the calves. Lady's calf, as always, even being 5 days old, was easy. Lady is always very calm, and actually protects us from the rest of the herd that think somethings going on with the calf and must come investigate. We got him banded and let the little cutie go. Then Freckle's calf was next....Ummm...yeah. Mom tried to get us both killed. Got ahold of the calf easily enough, Sally was standing behind me and distracted the calf long enough for mom to sneak around the back of her and grab her leg. Then Freckles lost it, started pawing the ground, doing the crazy-momma-moo...The whole nine yards. I'm sure our neighbors thought it was hilarious...Me screaming at my mom to let go of the !*$(*#@^!ing calf before we both die...As she let go, Freckles did knock down the calf to come rush us, but she noticed we'd let go of the calf and so turned her attention to it instead, thank god. I don't know the way that calf bawled if Freckles had been on the other side of the field that we'd have been safe...lol. It was not real fun!
We then unloaded hay, had a lovely supper, and I went to go take pics of Marchs' boys! I also rooed all the "nice parts" (shoulder to mid-rib, since her neck didn't roo well yet) of Morgan, because after her fever, her wool broke. Mom was so worried the first night she saw Morgan "balding"...lol. I got three Wal-mart bags full of fleece to send in though...but I think I'll wait and see if the sheep x lion x naked mole rat decides to let me have her neck wool first...lol

Anyway, here's Buzz and Woody.

Look at them lack of horn buds! :( lol

Woody is a very soft, pretty color. Musket Katmoget.

I think the grey makes Buzz's ears look HUGE! And his beauty mark is adorable..Look at them horn buds!

Okies, that's all! Time to go suffer with my allergies for a bit longer before heading to bed.


Becky Utecht said...

Oh, all those Shetland lambs are so cute! I can wait to get some here. The peacock is beautiful too.

Teresa said...

Your 'mad cow' story scared the bejeebers out of me! I'm glad you and your Mom got out of the way.

Those lambs are just too cute. Love the pix.

Karen B. said...

Great pictures, Rayna. So many cute lambs. That calf is too precious! Hope your allergies get better soon.