Monday, April 13, 2009

Well no Marchy lambs yet....

But she looks fishy. She's breathing really hard tonight. I think the swelling in her *ahem* back end has actually gone DOWN in the last week. I'm just at a loss for words...I think I'm finally giving up. If she has them, then she has them...But I think she's faking LOL.

Anyway, took lots of photos...And made a new best friend! The Canadian cross (probably Embden) goose I bought off someone last year for $1...she was probably going to slaughter...was probably a tame baby at one point! Tonight we thought it was odd that she was following me. Well, she's attacked the dogs a few times in the last few days protecting her "mate" (A male Embden cross that my moms ex gave us because he was the last to survive a mink at his place...and then the poor thing gets his leg broken by the cattle or horses here :( ) so we thought she was going after me at first. She follows us up in the front yard, and so I squatted down, protecting my eyes of course, to see what she'd do. She just stood there and head bobbed at me and talked to me...I think with a couple more months of work, she'll be sitting in my lap! lol. She never really had a name other than "goosey" so I have to look up a real name for her now :) I LOVE tame geese...My favorite is hatching them in the incubator and being able to imprint them on your voice like 5 days before they's great! Anyway, there's some photos of her following me around the yard in here hehehe.

The goose watching me through the kennel...along with Peter, Wendy and Modron trying to figure out what she is!

"I'm watching you!"
Raja looooves attention :)
So does someone else...I'm thinking he may have to be wethered and sold to a pet home...he's just SOOOO friendly!
"I'm cute!"
Pile o' rams for sale!

Following me up to the house...

Head bob...
Such a pretty..."girl"?
Wendy and Pete
Wendy and all her phaeo

She almost looks fawn kat!

Nice lil' tails!
Petey checkin' out the camera!
Baby buns almost ready to go!

And THIS is why it's hard to get photos of March...I basically have to shoo/scare her to the other side of th epen to get a shot of her...

Ewww! Someone pooed on you! Oh well, it'll wash out...Lookee that tummy!
Naughty lambs wearing out Cornet.


Mater is turning out very nice!

Cutie pie Alice

Look who's looking better and better every day! Morgan!

And now...a dilema....

What's missing here?

Click to bigify...

There's patches where horns SHOULD be...but nothin' coming yet! Maters got nice little horn buds....Hopefully Lightnings are slow growing? Cross your fingers...he was my keeper!

Anyway, cross your fingers March lambs tonight! :)


Rayna said...

Named the goose was on under "native american" for "wild goose call" I thought it was fitting since she's half Canadian. We'll call her Sally for short.

stephen rouse said...

gorgeous lambs. What color is mater? He looks "modified".

Rayna said...

He's black right now, but I think you might be right. He's black black down at the skin, but who knows?