Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First lambs at North Star!

Mom came and picked me up because she only had a half day at work. We went home, and of course, I went out to play with the sheep...I hear "waaaaa!" OMG! A LAMB! I go and scoop him up...and then I hear another! And then another! Bred to Likei, none of the lambs are gulmoget, but boy are they FLASHY! Magnolia had twins, one of each, and Lyra had a single. However, after more checking over, the lambs are all premee...which I thought it was a bit early yet. I wouldn't have even checked had it not been for the premee that Suzanne had. They're 4 lbs each, but they feel like they're only 1 lb each...lol.

I was going to post these as soon as I got home last night, but I was SO tired and ill from throwing hay bales yesterday. SORRY GARRETT! I'm sure he's mad at me for not posting right away lol.

Anyway, without further ado...Please meet North Star Pongo, Perdita and Mickey!

Pongo again.
Perdita doing what she does best...talking...and talking...and talking...
Mickey and momma Lyra

Perdita and momma Magnolia
Pongo and Perdita

Perditas lovely coloring...love the black ears!
Lyra and Mickey

Got lots of other photos, but those are going to wait...think I'm gonna head out and check on the babes...had to move them into a makeshift pen in the barn to make sure they didn't get too cold since they're preme.


Kara said...

Congrats on your beautiful and FLASHY lambs! I love the last photo of mom and lamb, she looks so proud and content.

kristi said...

Oh, I love the spots!!! Very cute...I just love seeing all the lambs!

Becky Utecht said...

You really did get some flashy lambs! So cute and little!

Jenny Holden said...

Those are some flashy little lambs. Make sure you keep them nice and warm :o) Congratulations!

Garrett808 said...

hurray!! photos!! you are forgiven! :)

some of them look nearly hard to tell if they are gulmoget or not due to the way the spots are. those two black/white spotted ones sure look good!