Thursday, May 7, 2009

More lambie photos and new lambs!

Here is Opal fighting with herself in the mirror.

Okay, these pics are all jumbled up because Blogger only lets me upload 5 at a time, and so I just go from the top of the list to the bottom when I'm tired and in a hurry and I'm not organizing! Though, I will go through and mark who is who :)
March's boys, being naughty and out of their pen in the barn as usual. Buzz and Woody.
"I swear, we're innocent!"
Peoney with 1/2 of my suprise twins...Aurora!
Here is Aurora again
And Jasmine!
She's a MOORIT gulmoget with nifty spotting, as you'll see in pics further down.
Babydoll's twin boys...SUPER crimpy! I sure hope someone wants one for a meat flock...
Jasmine looks like she has a skirt! lol
March's boys again.
Sleepy lamb of Bejigs, I think it's Bianca, as I don't see any side spotting.
Bejig and Bianca again.
Precious' new calf! A little boy, soon to be steer.

Cute little bugger, ain't he?

Just restin...
Magnolias twins, Pongo and Perdita, with Lyra in the backround.

I thought this was just SO funny...this is Lyra's boy, Mickey...and no, that spot is NOT his tail. He has a perfectly white's his...*ahem* jewels. A big black spot right smack dab in the middle...too funny!
Pongo again.
Mickey is almost a capped, don't you think?

Sally watching me

Jasmine and her unsual facial markings.
She already knows pets are gooooood!
Aurora is a bielset!
Gotta love that pink nose! It's funny, she looks a lot like Lyra, or at least like Minwawe stock...but Peoney is Sheepy Hollow...Crazy, huh?
Jasmine again.
Can you tell I like these twins?
Bejig with Bernard on the left, Bianca on the right.
Bianca takin' a breather.
Is this in here twice?
Bianca sneekin' a peek at me while I'm taking photos of the Babydoll X lambs.
"I see you!"

I love this photo!
Bernards "boomerang" on his side.
Such a handsome boy!
Bernard and Bianca with momma Bejig
Babydoll CRIMPIES!
DoSiDo with her ewe lamb, Pocahontas
She has a "lucky rabbits foot" makes her one back leg look WAY bigger, huh?
Konnel and her Ag Gulmoget ram lamb, Goofy.
Peoney, Jasmine and Aurora
Did I mention I like these two?

They're just striking aren't they?

White tail!

Okay, off to bed! :) Enjoy!


Terri D. said...

It looks like you had great fun taking all these wonderful lambie photos. You have great looking lambs!

Jenny Holden said...

Super lambs Rayna, you must be really proud! Little Jasmine is something special,is she a keeper?