Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy day!

So busy, I didn't get a chance to take any photos! lol. I headed out to moms late, as I took a long nap this morning...almost didn't make it, I was tired and had a nasty headache. But I did...and I brought Izzy and Anisa along. The puppy was out at grandmas for the weekend anyway, and he's been getting along great.

Got to see a glimpse of Coralie's filly, a little palamino, just like mommy! Absolutely adorable. I think QueTee is next, as the stud colt was showing a bit of interest in her. We banded another steer calf, this time without the risk of getting ran over. We're thinking about selling our 2 year old steer that we were going to butcher this fall, because we don't have any room in the freezer! So if anyone is interested in beef, let me know.

We fixed up the ram pens so no more wire bashing will be going on, and then introduced Arturo to the big ram pen, and Thor to the little ram pen. I am trying to keep an eye on Thor being his horn was already knocked off once...don't want that happening again! I was feeling his fleece today and looking...he falls out right at the end of the britch...and is SOOOO soft...*sigh* We have everyone locked up tight for a day or two to keep them from bashing. While we were doing that, Anisa got into burrdocks...very very badly. She had them everywhere onderneath her...she couldn't lay down even! *sigh* That was 20 minutes of She's definately a foo-foo dog, not a farm dog. We've let the burrdocks go the last couple years, it's definately time to get on killing them again.

We had our first peahen egg today! Laid by our pied hen, hopefully fertilized by our white cock. So exciting! Mom also recently purchased two baby black Australian swans...very cute. 2 weeks old, about the size of a mallard (minus the necks!) and fuzzy, cute babies.

Sally is doing well, she has taken a liking to the sheep pen, and is out there every day. She likes the sheep, except when they try to run her over to get at the grain. She comes out or is herded out to eat though, because otherwise they'd eat her food...the pigs!

Second round of lambing, bred to Likei (spotted gulmoget), should start anytime. We've got lots of full bags, and lots of swollen back ends. Hoping for lots of spotted gulmogets!

My week of vacation is coming up the end of the month, and we're planning on getting our pasture up! Yay! So excited for the sheep to finally have a real pasture where they can't get hurt like they do when they're running loose...or into the burrdock! lol.

We may be getting a great Pyr...My cousin has two, and would like them to go together, but it sounds like only one is a "problem child." He likes to "herd" her middle child around...why a pyr is herding is beyond me, but it really makes the kid mad, and is mildly irritating to the family. He's about a year old, and would be penned right in with the sheep. We told her we'd give him a trial run, and see what develops.

Ummm...what else. Abu is a ham. He loves to eat my hair and lick my arms and hands...and face...and suck on my Or at least try to before I get the chance to make him get down...he's quick! lol. Raja is an absolute doll, she came and plopped down by me today and just wanted to be petted. So sweet. Wendy and Peter are starting to learn that I'm not such a bad guy, and I adore Wendy, so I'm hoping she gets tame. I need to get them out on pasture soon, they need to catch up to Stephens lambs! lol. I still haven't decided on whom I'm showing...Raja and Wendy are likely candidates, along with Lightning and Peter. Oh, Lightning is getting TINY nubs in, so half-poll? You poll people might be able to answer that for me. Also, March must carry poll too, because Woody is smooth so far, even though Buzz has amazing horns. Those two are hilarious, always out of the pen and out visiting the other lambs, while March freaks out in the pen.

Morgan is doing much better, even though she lost all her wool. She's still a bit thin, and coughs once in a while, but has come a long way.

I think that's it for now...We had a long day! Went to see Wolverine tonight too, pretty good. Anyway, here's a couple pics to show the girls all tuckered out on the way Still had my rummage sale finds in the car lol.

Hopefully I'll remember to take photos tomorrow! :D


Garrett808 said...

who is sally?

i want black swans too!

Rayna said...

Sally is the canadian X goose :)

Garrett808 said...

WHERE are new photos?!! I"VE been WAITING!!!