Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A variety blog...

All my extra photos go here! hehe. Above is Tanisha's calf, with her cute facial markings.

Here she is again with her "horn mark" and nose stripe.

Ladies calf with "anklets" :)
Tipper, you look like you have mad cow disease! LOL Tipper and her calf.
Sondra and her bull calf who hasn't let down his doo-dads yet for us to band him.
Freckles and her calf...luckily this calf is very healthy...She never got her shot, because Freckles is the cow who tried to kill us...
Banshees filly...she's a looker!

Princess, our tallest miniature at 38'', for sale, should be bred.
Ricky, out of Libby (blue roan paint) and Isaac. Very pretty guy, can't wait to see what he sheds out like! You can see some spots coming in already.
QueTee and Ricky.
Princess and the filly.
Banshee and her filly
The filly again.
And for Jenny...beaver chews!

A calf sunning...I think this is Sondras calf.
Bambi and her mother, Gwen. Bambi is our half bottle calf. She's FINALLY been able to suck some off mom's teets...but we don' tknow how much if any.
Damita and calf.
Lady and her calf
Sally wondering why I'm taking a break.
Paschinkas...aren't they gorgeous?! We got them...*ahem* on a trip. lol. Have been trying to find more, but luckily these are spreading.
I figured since Gary the peacock got a photo, why not the girls?! This is Opal..our opal peahen...Origninal name, huh? lol
Annie our white peahen
Beauty, are pied peahen.
I just love this photo of Gary's train...nifty huh?

That's all for now...

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Your blog's title is definitely "truth in advertising"!