Monday, April 14, 2008

Puppies and kitties!

Bella had puppies! Purebred Cavalier King Charles pups. Little tri girl, and one of each in the Blenheim. Very cute puppies!

AAANNNDDD...Mayhem had kittens! THREE calico manx and 1 tailed calico and 1 tailed black and more than likely 4 girls and a boy. One of the calico manx will be staying at the farm for sure.

Two of the tailless girls.
The tailed calico.
The tailed black & white.

And the proud momma! Taking it easy...and getting in the way as usual...she's sitting on one of the haybales for the sheep lol.


Becky Utecht said...

Oh I love manx kitties! I wish I could take one, it's too bad we already have two cats here. Your other big fuzzy cats are so pretty too. And don't get me started on those puppies! Our neighbors have that breed of dog and she's the cutest thing.

Rayna said...

Thanks Becky! They are little is just a fun cat. You can't really see her stump of a tail, but it's orange and that agouti brown striped! I'm not sure what type of calico Mayhem is...espically being she has the agouti markings AND the black markings along with the orange...I had a calico once with just the agouti markings instead of the black, very pretty. And never had a calico with blue eyes. This is the first litter Mayhem produced tailles kittens in, so we're very excited. Her next litter *should* be sired by our Chocolate pointed boy out of a should have a higher percentage of tailless...was so excited for this litter! Oh, and I'll send you photos of previous litters of the pups ;-)