Sunday, April 6, 2008

New photos

Some new photos of Firth of Fifth Likei. Look at that horn base!

River Oaks Issac, who is now available for sale, possible with a ewe or two as a starter flock! He's black iset, has a very dense fleece. Decent attitude, but he's still a ram!

Some of the the VERY left corner is Konnels head, behind her is Tansy and Demi. In front from the left we have River Oaks Tasha poking her head out from behind LittleRedOak Jet, and on the right is LittleRedOak Gretel. In the backround on the right side is Lapacho (katmoget) and Kimia. The big force in the middle is Addie, one of our llamas.

Konnel is the grey right in front with Tasha to her right. In the backround is Tansy and Demi.

This is Kizzy. She's 3/4 Shetland and an absolute honey. I bought her about 5 years ago at a chicken swap for $64. She'll crawl in your lap if you let her....:)

What's goin' on?!

Fat cow that is Peoney coming through! :)

Oh mama llama Addie protect us from the big, mean camera-pointer-flasher-person!

Lapacho :)

Torrent looking particularly comfortable in her fatness...hopefully lots of lambies!

And yeah, I know this isn't a sheep, but I had to add it anyway, cuz Coralie's filly is just so darn cute! Just born on the 3rd.


Becky Utecht said...

Great photos Rayna! It's nice to see your flock. There are some nice looking fleeces in there. When does lambing start?

Rayna said...

Not until May...early to mid, I gotta look up the date again. I figured since my mom is taking care of 'em, I'd make it a wee bit easier on her with nicer weather lol. I can't wait!!!

Garrett808 said...

wow rain, so many gusta :) now keep it up! every day or every week i'm expecting blogs! :P