Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm REALLY hoping someone pops tonight...Peoney is SO huge...She looks like a tick about to explode...Her back end is really swollen, and she sunk since earlier in the week, so I'm thinking maybe tonight being the low pressure system went through.

Had our first calf of the year born! She's a solid red heifer calf, born to Kerry, who's out of Dream Lady, our first cow. Kerry isn't a REAL attentive mother, but she's young yet (only 3), so she'll learn. We had to carry the calf in out of the weather because she was shaking so violently from the cold...and the doorknob was STANDING IN WATER! lol. Bad Kerry, don't let the baby stand in water on a cold day! But as of this evening when I talked to my mom, the calf was "bouncing" and playing a bit, so she must have gotten enough colostrum in her. I'll try to get photos maybe this weekend (especially if lambs come!)

Going to the Clinton Town Hall animal swap in the morning...woohoo! I suppose though, i should probably go back to work...Came home for lunch...had grilled, but now cold, NY Strip steak :D mmmmm

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