Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is it February again?!

Absolutely disgusting! I walked outside around 4am from work, looked around and said "I hope it stays this way!" It was 34 degrees....and apparently, at about 4:30, it plumeted to below freezing...and the snow began. It's a white awful mess out there. The chicken swap still went on though! Nearly every hen that was at the swap was sold by the time I left at 10. Mom is staying til Noon probably. So many people for such crappy weather! :) But me with my cold, I had to leave...I feel like crap. Time for soup and sleep I think. No sheepies yet...which I guess I'm glad for now! Will start soon though, but hopefully after it dries up a bit :)

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Becky Utecht said...

Your chicken swap still went on? The one scheduled here went on, but with only two hardy souls selling their chickens and some cookies for 4-H. Maybe more were there earlier, I swung through around 10:15 and it was pretty bleak. I hope your lambs come soon.