Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, Gary thinks it's spring, that's for sure!

Below is a little Bantam Partidge Wyandotte hen.
One of my mom's Lavender splash call hens.
Spring is in the air! Baby Giant Runts!
Haley(chocolate/white) and Meeka. Meeka is Anisa's (my pom) full sister. Haley was born to my mothers little tiny 5 lb black Pomeranian, Gemma, last year. She's a full year old next month (I believe) and weighs just over 3 lbs! Such a tiny little fart!
But oh so cute! I see the little rats stole a piece of twine to play with again...My mom said one of the things she misses most about Izzy (my dog now living in town with me) is when she goes out to pull the plastic twine off the big round hay bales, there's no one tugging on the other end! lol
This is Bug...She's a little turd of a kitty, has a 1/4 tail, super cute because she flicks it all over the place all the seems almost like it's an antenna picking up
One of my painted conures, ZZ(Zaizan). Maya is a little more camera shy. ZZ and Maya are bonded, but I haven't set them up for breeding. ZZ is VERY outgoing and is trying to talk, I swear he said "Hello" to me one day, but it was so gravely I could hardly understand.
My mom's blue red Cubalaya rooster.

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Garrett808 said...

love the cubalaya...and the white peacock is too funny lol.

that little chococlate girl is SO HUGE....well figuratively speaking...

ok gotta go pack!