Saturday, May 3, 2008

My ewe streak ends...

Bono Creek Dana broke my streak of ewes with twins, one of each. The little girl is a moorit, big boy is a black. His fleece looks icky, but underneath his baby coat is TONS Of curly locks, and he's SUPER soft. They are out of River Oaks Isaac, but are unfortunately unregisterable. But, would still be good fiber animals or crossing for mules! :)

The boy is Sigmund, and the girl Signy. They were son and daughter of Volsung. It was the first brother/sister combo I came across! lol.

And here is Embla being mischevious and checking out the new "babies" and MILK! Lol

Lottie, Nanna and Freyja in the backround and Embla in the foreground.

Here's Lottie and Nanna licking her chops and being silly.

And kitties!!!

Almost a cute shot! One off...

Gah! That one darn kitten....

Close enough, I give up...LOL. And this is only 4 out of the 5...the 5th is a tailed calico who was WAAYYY back in the corner of their "nest box" (Mayhem had the kittens in a rabbit hutch lol) and I couldn't reach her...little turd. :)

Well, that's it for updates from the funny farm! Hopefully more lambs tonight...Peoney looks SOOOO uncomfortable. Even Konnel is starting to act like she wants those lambies out! I'm gonna go squeeze sheepies soon! :)

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Becky Utecht said...

Those kittens are adorable! You did a great job with the photos.
Congrats on your latest twins. You're still doing really well, one ram lamb and how many ewe lambs?
Would the latest lambs be registerable with the NCWGA?