Thursday, May 1, 2008

No news...

Here I figured FOR SURE since I forgot my camera at home there'd be new babies....Nada! Nanna is absolutely adorable. Freyja is a lazy bum, just loves to sleep, but when she's up she's bright eyed and bushy tailed...but it's old out right now too, so all I want to do is sleep too! Embla...she is stealing my heart. She'll come over for scratches and just lean in....sooo cute. I haven't decided if she's staying or not though, I suppose it'll depend on how she turns out. I have decided that I want a good white Shetland ewe with a good, low micron. I know I want to work on fleece softness, but I want to have a lot of fun with spots at the same time! Hopefully this weekend I can get fleece samples taken of Likei and some of the ewes. I need to get Likei's before he rues out all his wool! His wool is nearly half gone! It's CRAZY. He's so pretty. Goals for this weekend are: Put up a good, secure ram pen, get a quarantine pen set up, and get fleece samples. We'll see what I get done with this head cold. Still hasn't gone away. It's starting to get painful in my nasal passageways, so I'm hoping I can still get enough sinus meds down to keep it from turning into a sinus infection :( Anyway, there's another front moving in, so I would guess the girls will start popping again. Peoney looks awful, just miserable. Everyone was pretty spread out today. *crosses fingers*

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