Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yay! New sheepies!

Garrett arrived last night with my sheepies! Thank God I'm not too far out of the way for him (just a few hours) and he was able to drop them off...my hero! I still have yet to get photos because it was dark when they got there...And, another little mircale before we left! Kimia delivered a gorgeous little black very crimpy ewe lamb! :) I'm heading out there to take photos here soon...But I rode back to my house with Garrett a 1/2 hour north of the farm, and then he took off down 210 this morning, nice straight shot to his house :) His girls were very quiet in town last night...which is good, I was afraid someone would end up calling the cops cuz of strange baaing noises! LOL. We got to talk sheepies and plants some, and we took fleece samples of all 4 of the new girls. They are SO much prettier than they're photos...Polka is absolutely freaking adorable, as is Curly Locks. So femmine looking too! Anyway, I'll quit yacking about 'em and go take some photos! :)

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