Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I saw my first birth!

Peoney decided to have her lamb in the daylight yesterday, so I got to see. I can see why some people say if you know they're going into labor, just go away and don't watch...I was freaking out! Didn't know how long it should take, what if the baby suffocates, what if...what if...what if...Crazy! I have some graphic photos, but I'll post the cute one where he's dried off :) Meet North Star Alti...Hopefully Peoney has another...as this lamb isn't very large and she was HUGE. But she hadn't as of 5am.

He looks just like momma only in moorit with a touch more white. I saw a white hoof coming out, and got excited...but the bottom of his pads on 2 of his feet are white...lol

No one else yet, but Rhiannon and Demi looked fishy. Possibly Kimia too. But then, when I guess who's going first, they always prove me wrong :(

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