Monday, March 16, 2009

I love shopping...

Okay, junk shopping. I hate shopping at regular priced stores, there's no deals! :( But thrift stores rock. We have 2 in Cloquet, and 3 in Duluth that I know of. And I LOVE deals...I love "this tag is 50% off deals!

This cup was half price, so only $4. And I suck at bowling, it's super cute, and it's milk glass! A triple whammy! So I had to buy it... :) It was at the big Goodwill.

This was also at the big Goodwill...I probably paid too much for it ($15) But I had to have it since I intend on learning how to spin sooner or later. It's so cute! It's also a "Cleminson's hand painted" So maybe a collectors? I'll have to look more into it. :)

I bought a milk glass plate at the small Goodwill, and a couple Victoria's Secret bras ($3!!), milk glass seasonings jars and a large vase for a beta at the Salvation Army.

And even though this wasn't a deal, or a thrift store item, I had to have it! It's so damn cute!
Actually, this wasn't the first one I spotted...I saw a brown and white plaid one, but I figured that one would be hard to match clothes with...this one will go with everything! Please don't mind my messy desk...hehe. I paid $12.99 for it at Target...

It was a very fun day. We went to Old Country Buffet after shopping. I didn't find any cool betas...I was sad. Well, I found one Crowntail, but he was a light light light lime green body with a sky blue tail...really odd color, but Denny didn't like him, so he didn't come home with us. PetCo must get their shipment in later this week, cuz they only had 4, 1 was male and 3 were female lol. There was a Red Dragon female beta at World of Fish, but again, female, I prefer the males :) We were going to go to a movie, but then got the call from my mom that there were BABIES, and Denny didn't feel like going to one at that time, so we headed home, I grabbed my camera and flew! :) It was a good day :)


dreameyce said...

I *love* the wheel figure! SO awesome!

I'm a 2nd hand junkie too, esp flea markets. Mostly, because of all the unusual things you find, you'll NEVER see in a normal store.

Becky Utecht said...

I saw those hats at Target too! I was amazed that they are the same style as my felted ones. You may have noticed that I'm not very fashion conscious, so it was amazing to me. LOL.
I love shopping at the second hand stores too.