Monday, March 23, 2009

Ishy, nasty, soggy...Donchya love MN springs?

It's cold, wet, and icy out. Ahhh MN in springtime...ugh. lol. Loading sheep today was fun through the mud...hopefully my beige jeans get clean in the Isaac, Karma, Lapacho and Dana went to a new home today! They are going to be soooo spoiled! :)

While at the farm, I moved Olga, Abu and Raja inside, cuz it's just too cold and wet out for the munchkins. They were little escape artists at first, until I figured out where they were getting out. Olga was kind of a pain to move into the barn because first she didn't want to cross the small "moat" in front of the barn door...then she got in the barn and saw all the FEED. lol. She was like a kid in a candy store. I got her in without much damage done...she's a VERY slow eater! lol The babies were popcorning around, so couldn't have gotten too cold. Olga is an awesome mother...Thanks again Stephen!

Aaaannnnddd....anyone need bunnies? Lol. My mom has one pair of lionheads left, and Milky Way had 5 little ones! Mom was scared to dig in the nest (sometimes does will eat the babies if you disturb the nest too soon), but today two of them were out of the nest, so I dug in the rest. 2 chinchilla(silver agouti), 1 brown agouti, and 2 that look black otter. BUT, the one doesn't have markings around it's'll be interesting to see what they look like when they get a bit older. Right now they're coherent, eyes open and poking around to see what trouble they can get into, but they're not real cute...or big lol. I fit two in my hand easily lol. I'll try to get some photos later of them :)

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Becky Utecht said...

Congrats on finding a new home for Isaac and the ewes. It sounds like they will be happy there. :-)