Monday, March 16, 2009

Puppy Power! *warning: picture heavy*

We had a super fun day at the farm! I actually filled up my mom's SD card with pictures and video. Everyone was a muddy mess, but we loved it! Enjoy!
Flying Puppeh!
Buddy is so darn cute!
Patch is SO photogenic!

LOL...I was trying to get a photo of Pete before he came across the bale...I
Another of Patch, jumping across the bale.
Pretty Polly! and the pasture in the backround.
Handsome Petey :)
Bella and her kiddos(Bella's in front)
Madonna being silly and playful (Madonna is a puppy from the last litter)
"I'm gonna getchya!"
"Where'd everybody go? Nobody wants to play with me..." Buddy always looks so sad! lol
Random shot! This is Jessie, my dog Izzy's full sister from another litter. She's a good farm dog, though she only weighs about 8 lbs lol.

Pete is also very photogenic.
Polly's awful darn cute too though :)
I love the family shots!

Buddy and Pete with Polly in the backround.
Patch in front, Buddy to the left, Petey to the right and Madonna behind.

Polly, Bella, Patch and Pete
Silly Buddy, so darn cute, but still looks sad! lol
Madonna being silly again
Bella and Madonna
Madonna actually sitting still...hehe
The Blenheim trio! Patch, Polly and Pete
Patch is just so darn cute!
And so photogenic! Did I mention that already? lol
I love his "dot" :)
And then there's Pete...he's darn cute too :)
Such loving brothers.
I love the contrast in this photo between the hay and the puppies :) Polly and Patch

Pete is probably the most outgoing puppy of the litter. It's funny, because Patch was when he was very little, but now Pete is.
Polly, Pete and Madonna
A very nice photo of Polly. I FINALLY got her attention and her to stand still long enough lol
OMG she has no feet! LOL Monorail puppeh (If you've ever seen LOLCats, you'll know what I mean...). Haley was running SO fast at me, and I tried to get a nice
Gemma and Haley
Mom with Oberon (Oby) and Gemma. Oby and Gemma are Haleys parents.
Family photo! Haley on top, Gemma and Oby in front :)
This is Meeka, my dog Anisa's sister.
Gemma and Haley again. Haley basically doesn't go anywhere without Gem.
Gemgem again
Haley looks like she has a "flag" for a tail lol
Garrett might appreciate the size difference since he's seen how small Gemma is... :)
Here too
I think this is just askin for trouble...Mayhem isn't much for hyper, happy puppies that could eat her...won't, but could.
Happily sleeping in the crook of grandmas legs..
"What was that? Another puppy?!"
Nap time again...Imagine that...a cat napping?
And happy Oby!

Tried uploading a video, but it won't work :( It was Meeka being a spaz rolling in the hay, very funny. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed the brood! lol. ANd if you know anyone looking for a Cavalier puppy...:)


Kara said...

Oh My, those are the most adorable puppies! Great pictures.

Nancy K. said...

What a beautiful litter of puppies!

Congratulations on the weight loss. I'm still "thinking about" dieting and exercising....


Rayna said...

Thanks guys! And Nancy, ya gotta start somewhere! :)

dreameyce said...

OMG, I looooooove Patch! I'm a sucker to patched critters, and Cavs. So damn adorable! I'm swooning over here!

dreameyce said...

PS If Patch were mailed to Oregon, I would NOT be upset. Not at all! haha

Rayna said...

Hehe! You just need to take a trip out here on your way back to visit Michigan ;-)

dreameyce said...

I don't have plans to go to MI until next year, unless they hold a show out there this fall. I'd be flying when I go! (And it's SE Michigan)

Until then, you can send me Patch as a souvenir! haha Man, if only a puppy were in my current budget! He's so darn cute!