Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lots of sheepie photos!

Do Si Do
Lyra, Do Si Do, and Bejig
Mopsy II
Do Si Do in front, then Merry Go Round, then Bejig
Mopsy II
Rifle man...Slater just won't hold still long enough for a good photo!
Salida again
Tansy and Tyr
Freyja standing
Forseti showing off his very little side dusting...yay!
Iduna doing what she does best...begging...
Thor and Torrent
Goldie and Magnolia
Lapacho and her little boy, and Konnel in the backround.
Curly Locks passed out in the nice warm sun...with that cold wind today, it looked inviting to nap in the sun!
Kimia and her daughter Swanhild
Nanna, poor decrepid Peoney with her bad eye, and Rhiannon
Peek-a-boo Babydoll :)
And Kizzy and her girls.

1 comment:

Garrett808 said...

wow. mopsy II and salida look STUNNING!! *Arm cross*

i'll be dying to know their microns this see how soft Salida is..she is out of Barish....*sigh*