Friday, October 24, 2008

OMG open eyes!

This is one of my girls peeking out of my pocket a few minutes ago :)

She blinked in this one! lol
The two colored boys are SUPER active today. SUPER cute too :)


Garrett808 said...

ok they look A LOT better now with eyes open.

is the breeder SURE the dad was siamese? And 5 generations of breeding siamese.....shouldn't they all be siamese? What do i know!

just FYI (and thank you very much) I've been having nightmares about the rats and have had nightmares about them crawling all over me in bed. blah!! :P

Becky Utecht said...

I'm not a fan of rats either. I'm sure your babies are very cute and lovable in real life, but I will never forget the white one I got from school in fifth grade. It killed ALL my baby chicks one night. I was so mad I let it go way out in the field, but just hours later it was right back at our door wanting in! Of course then I had to find it another home.

Garrett808 said...

i thought there were 7? i only see 5!

Rayna said...

2 were in my pocket, Garrett :)

Becky, that's crazy! wow! I wouldn't like rats after that either probably lol.