Thursday, October 9, 2008


Once upon a time....

I bought 2 rats for a friend from work who said she wanted female rats. Was going through St. Cloud where they were, but was home from work so couldn't ask her ahead of time (Denny forgot to ask, and was thinking the wrong person anyway lol), so just grabbed them cuz it was a good deal and they were pretty. Who wouldn't like a Siamese Dumbo rat(besides Garrett)? Anyway, I picked them up, and he warned me that the male had been in with them for like a minute while he was away and his roommate was rat-sitting. I said okay, neither looked preggers. Sooo, I get back, said friend doesn't want them because her son doesn't want dumbos. DUMB! Dumbos are the best! Super cute ears! :) And Siamese to boot, fairly rare color around here. Oh well. So place one girl to a PERFECT home where they love her to DEATH, just got an email today actually that they hardly put her down at all and she loves to ride around on their shoulders.

Well, I had to send them a warning email

I walked into the bathroom last night and heard EEEE EEEE EEEE and before I could turn th elight on and see I was like "Ohh! What's wrong?!" And then saw the pinkie laying in the middle of the floor...Oooohhh...Boy MET Soooo...Anyone want a super cute baby? :) I think I'm giving two to a friend of mine for Christmas, but that leaves 5 to go.

Anyway, sheepie photos to follow this afternoon...After SheltrgPines Arturo comes to North Star! Yay for modified! :)