Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on the rittens...ratties...babies! lol

They are now 4 days old and growing fast! They are 5th generation Siamese I found out, but there may still be some suprises in the litter. Far as I can tell, it looks like I may have 3 Berkshire, 1 Dalmation and 3 Siamese. Now, I'm a noob at this, but I'm just looking for dark patches. I was looking at colors today...there are some REALLY cute colors! Masked are just adorable.

Here's some links if you want to see the colors:

I was actually thinking my "Siamese" may be a Himalayan, because I think she's pure white, not creme. Hmmm...more reserch to do :)

I think I'm just keeping my mind busy so I don't stress about breeding I had a dream last night that I had a scurred moorit gulmoget ram who gathered up half of my ewes and took off down the road with them, I had to run miles to get them back. And then my breeding schedual was thrown off because I didn't know if he'd bred any of


dreameyce said...

I found this post through google alerts. I'm Emily of EaglesEye Rattery :)

If you can post pics of the babies (Natural light is best) I can help with color ID. Colorpoints don't always develop their points 'til 6+ weeks. My line is born with points, but not all are.

It's a small world, since I watch the White Pine blog too (Mostly for the dogs)

Rayna said...

It's a small world after all! :) White Pine/Garrett is one of my best friends :) Awesome though, I'll see if I can't get some clear photos :) Thanks!

dreameyce said...

Natural light pics are best. Colorpoint is a simple recessive (Both Himi and Smeeze), so in order for it to show Daddy has to be colorpoint, or carry the gene.

Himi is a siamese, with an 'extra' albino gene (So a modified siamese). Dumbo is also a simple recessive so same applies.

I'm also a Sheep person, since I'm a handspinner and love to drool over the wool. I don't own sheep at this time, but used to show Columbia's in FFA.

Corinne R. said...

Duh, Rayna, we need pictures of the ratlets.
What's with you and Garrett with the sheepie nightmares?

Rayna said...

Yup, I've got day 4 photos coming. I'll see if I can't get some natural light photos since the sun is actually shining today :) Daddy was a Sia or Himmy Dumbo. I love those big ears! The breeder said something about 5th generation Siamese? That means little to me. Oooo I saw a roan on your site! Those are soooo purdy. Okay, back to bed for now, then gotta get up and clean cages and play my game hehe.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Okay, that IS a little weird that you dreamed about Franjean before I even brought him here. He might HAVE to kidnap some of your ewes to get breeding privileges, since mine won't have anything to do with him yet!