Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New pics!

As always, click to bigify :)

Boy, there's one little one that's a stinker already! They are sure quick this early in life...well, at least he is. There's one little runty I'm babying...hehehe. Anyway, new pics! I'm sad cuz I dont' think I have any Siamese...I'll take a shot at guessing colors :)

Masked dalmation?

This is my little runt...how cute huh? Berkshire maybe?

Berky x 4, and one masked? I have no clue, just wild stabs in the dark. The big dark one on the far left is the little rascal!

As for actual colors (i.e. black, blue, brown, etc) I have no clue.


dreameyce said...

None of them are siamese, all have dark eyes, and are too dark in color.

I'm betting on black and agouti, based on the colors now. None look blue, or even chocolate.

The one 'masked' may be more capped than 'masked', but we'll see as color comes in. Masked is a recessive piebald modifier based gene, while capped is a modifier of the hooded gene. If this were a piebald related marking, I'd expect to see 'splashy' marking on other babies. I vote capped :)

It looks like all are dumbos, but I can't see all the ears well. (If there are any standard ears, it would mean Daddy was standard, who carries dumbo)

Jenny Holden said...

Aww little ratties! Fraid can't help with the colour. Guinea pigs were always my rodent of choice :o) Though I only have two very old boys left now and my own line of breeding has now been lost. Let it all go while at uni. Seems a shame now :o(

Rayna said...

Unfortunately, guinea pigs are not an option for me. HIGHLY allergic to them. They're cute, and I've thought about trying skinny pigs, but haven't thought real hard about it. 15 minutes in the same room as a guinea pig and I can hardly breath.

Oh, and it looks like the kittens will be agouti mostly. They're starting to get a little bit of color in. Can't wait til they open their eyes! Will try to take new photos today :)