Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's fall :(

This is the tree in our leaves! :(

And, after a month getting bred back, Banshee and her filly are back home. The filly is a real LOOKER. She's absolutely stunning. She's probably gonna get taller than momma, and momma is big for a mare. She's likely going to be dun, just like dad. Probably eligible for the Paint Association, but I'd have to look at the markings. We are going to be offering the pair for sale, as well as the father of this filly (not ours, but listing for a friend) who is out of one of the best roping QH's in the US ever. Banshee is 23, but has her teeth, eats hay and grass like a trooper, has never needed extra feed. Super easy keeper. My mom is an ABSOLUTE amature at hoof trimming, and Banshee stands without a problem for her. I can go out and mess with her feet, lean on her, everything. One mother/daughter pair came out to look at her, 13 year old girl went right up on her back and Banshee didn't bat an eye. I have her pedigree if anyone's interested :) She really is a good horse, but neither my mom nor I have time for riding yet, and she's a sound rider yet. I've had horse people come out and guess her age no more than the mid-teens...She's in awesome condition.

And gorgeous to boot! :)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oooh, I LIKE that filly's looks. Just don't like the hormones that go with girl horses; give me a gelding any day.

Rayna said...

You should see her brother...Banshee's 06 colt...Ooooohh. He's a dun paint, VERY flashy, built just like her. He's got a bit of an attitude, and doesn't like dogs (No idea where that came from), but gorgeous and well built. The neighbor with the stud was like GIMME! lol. He took him for a free breeding back. Certain girls I like the spunk on, some I don't. :)

Jenny Holden said...

That is a really pretty little filly, and Mum looks like a bonny horse too. My friend Kath's foal has just been weaned, I'll have to get some up to date photos of him on my blog :o)