Monday, October 20, 2008

The baby rats are growing!

My little sweeties are growing up! No open eyes yet, but they're getting there! Got some more updates from the breeder...he can't believe there are no siamese! Anyway, enjoy the photos! :)
Oh, and they do look to be like all dumbos...the ears are starting to come up! Way cute! :)

Yes, she's half way up my


Garrett808 said...


i admit the siamese was better than a grey or brown rat. those 'gross' babies that aren't white should be disposed of. yuck :P

are you coming to get heifers yet? :)

dreameyce said...

OK so it looks like I was wrong about the "no light eyes"? Those brown kiddos look siamese ;0P

Notice how the butts, and noses are darker? I'll dig for example pics from my kiddos, and you get some natural light pics of your kiddos.

I'm on migraine meds so my vision isn't all that grand at this time! I'm gonna be awfully embarrassed if my last comment was this off ;0P They look really dark- but that could also be the flash. (Flash always throws colors off)

dreameyce said...

Left are agouti's, right is a (poor quality) siamese. I have more siamese baby pics, but I can't seem to dig up any at the age of your kiddos in my flickr account, so I need to dig for them on photobucket ;)

Rayna said...

Heh, yeah, the breeder just emailed me. So what color will the heads of the capped be?! And why do the baby possible "siamese" have white blotching on their sides of their tummies? I know I have one girl for sure, she has nipples already! lol...but I'm having a hard time sexing the rest. Thank god the boys develop their "packages" early, so I can get them outta there! Already got a cage set up for the boys :) I love learning :)

Nancy K. said...

They sure look healthy!